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How to make profit on FIFA 13 ultimate coins

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FIFA 13 is a game that needs understanding of the game and skilled players.




In order to build a winning team, you need to come strong from the beginning and annihilate other teams on the field.

When you do a search, you will see auctions that are closest to the end which gives you an opportunity to put in a winning bid. It happens frequently that a sale goes without a bid as most players leave the start bid at 150 coins of fifa 13 coin generator . This way, you have a chance to get them a cheap price.


Some helpful strategies to remember

With a squad made up of gold or silver players, it will be difficult to shift cards since they are not featured in auctions all that much and at 20 coins and below what you could in a quick-sell.  It is better to keep 60+ rated cards.

Participate in some tournaments before going to auction to acquire more players. You will see by studying tournament restrictions that some tournaments require a maximum number of nationalities in your team. You need to remember who you made a bid for.

You may be tempted to get rid of a bronze player the minute you acquire a better one but you can take advantage of a bronze player as the first tournaments are Amateur and Semi Pro. You can use the bronze player as much as possible. By rotating your squad, you can reserve their fitness for more difficult matches.


One way to increase a player artificially is by acquiring all of them in the market. The best ones to use are the cheaper, faster or 5 star skill players. By owning every player, you increase the value by 100-600 coins and then you can put them once again in the market.

Remember these tips as they can help you decide what you buy and sell.


Reference taken from here http://fifacoingenerators.co.uk/


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